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Dr. Farthing is available for guest lecturing, conducting, collaborative piano, as well as taking commissions for original music for choir, voice, or piano. 

With thirty years as a professional vocalist, pianist, actor, composer, conductor and stage director, Scott Farthing has devoted his career to inspiring others to reach their full potential as creative artists and confident performers.

His unique style of teaching relies on the core philosophy that the fullness in an expressive performer comes from the boldness of confident choices. He has been called a Master Teacher and has coached performers in musical theatre, opera, cabaret as well as conducted choirs of all levels. He is equally at home with Musical Theatre and Opera with the rare talent to be able to understand both worlds from the compositional aspect, the performance side, and the production area as well.

Dr. Farthing approaches his work with humor, a sharp observation and with the knowledge that kindness and constructive work go hand in hand.  

Currently, Dr. Farthing's private studio is filled and he is not accepting any new students. If you are interested in lessons, please submit your name and email and you will be notified when space is available. 

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